Parenting with Wisdom and Compassion

Imagine a new paradigm of parenting that dramatically changes the way you relate to your children. Doors open that were previously closed, freeing you to parent with a wiser and more compassionate heart. Dr. Val-Essen reveals a new vision of the parent-child relationship and provides a Six-Step Process to help you realize it. Powerful stories, proven skills, and practical exercises inspire and guide you to expand your mind and open your heart. As you gain a deeper understanding of your children and yourself, you’re able to parent with wisdom and compassion even when buttons are pushed and fear takes center stage. Children and parents flourish. Family life becomes deeply rewarding.

You’ll Learn to:

  • Develop the intuition. You’ll be able to recognize the messages hidden within the ordinary cues your children give you daily.
  • Strengthen family bonds through creative problem solving. Trust grows when you’re committed to finding solutions that meet everyone’s needs.
  • Transform painful conflicts into opportunities for growth. When you value relationship with your children more than your upset, you’ll find unexpected possibilities for genuine understanding and healing.
  • Embrace the power of acceptance as a catalyst for change. Acceptance provides emotional safety, the ideal environment for your children to flourish and mature.
  • Love unconditionally. As you learn to practice forgiveness, you’ll be able to give the ultimate form of love. 

An Unexpected Bonus

As you become more accepting and inclusive, as you share your hearts more fully with your family and friends, you’ll deepen your understanding of what it means to live a wise and compassionate life.


Award-Winning Book: Bring Out the Best

Family life becomes so much easier and more rewarding when parents learn how to create an environment of mutual respect. In this proven program, developed over twenty-five years, parents discover that beneath the surface children and teens want to be cooperative, independent, and responsible. Difficult behavior is viewed as a cry for help: “Help me find a more effective way to meet my legitimate needs.” Knowing we’re on the same team changes everything. Step by step, parents gain the skills to remain calm and centered more often, to prevent problems before they happen, and to create a truly fulfilling family experience.

Dr. Val-Essen supports readers with compassion, stories of real families, and humorous illustrations. As parents learn to recognize and bring out the best in their children and teens, they inevitably discover the best within themselves.

An Unexpected Bonus

As we learn how to recognize and encourage the best within our children and teens, inevitably we discover the best within ourselves.


  • How to recognize and encourage the best within your child or teen
  • Why negative behavior is actually a cry for help: “Help me find a better way to meet my needs.”
  • Why children and teens really want you to set limits, even when they resist
  • How to envision the family you want — and then create it, day by day
  • Why all parents “lose it” at times — and how to remain calm and centered under stress.

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