BOTB Book Club
What Is the
Bring Out the Best
Book Club?
It’s a most unusual book club! Parents get an opportunity to work directly with the author or certified leaders to bring out the best in their children and to discover the best within themselves. To accomplish this goal, parents read Dr. Val-Essen’s award-winning book—Bring Out the Best in Your Child and Your Self: Creating a Family Based on Mutual Respect.

Parents enjoy the support of other parents as they gain confidence in applying the proven skills in their own families—and delight in discovering that...
Family Life Becomes So Much Easier!
Imagine spending LESS time:

- Feeling overwhelmed or exhausted
- Repeating yourself or nagging
- Yelling or screaming
- Playing referee
Mighty Parent
Mini Parent
Imagine spending MORE time:

- Feeling calm and centered-even at difficult times
- Enjoying children and teens who are more cooperative
- Preventing problems instead of rushing to solve them
- Living with mutual respect
Centered Self
How Does the Book Club Work?
The book club meets for 2 hours, for 8 consecutive weeks. Parents prepare for each meeting by reading one or two chapters per week (approximately 20-30 pages). To maximize learning, a month break follows giving parents time to practice and integrate what has been taught.

During this interval, they read the final chapter (14th), consisting entirely of parents’ stories, making it clear that you don’t have to be a perfect parent to enjoy positive changes in your family. At the final meeting, parents have an opportunity to share success stories and to pick the leader’s brain, asking questions and gaining practice to further refine their skills.
Why Did Dr. Val-Essen Create the Bring Out the Best Book Club?
Being in book clubs most of her adult life, Dr. Val-Essen has discovered how to create a safe learning environment that respects members’ distinct contributions and needs, fostering meaningful experiences for all participants.

Parents worldwide share a deep commitment to bring out the best in their children. A secure, supportive environment provides opportunities for parents to cultivate their highest intentions.
RSVP for Future Book Clubs
New in-person and online BOTB Book Clubs are opening soon. If you would like to be notified when they open and RSVP, please contact Ilene.