Professional Training
for Therapists
The Quality Parenting Program supports professionals to help parents see with new eyes—to discover that children and teens yearn to express their best selves—to develop their highest potential. And to recognize that children depend on the adults in their lives to help them. Through this perspective, parents recognize that children's difficult behavior is actually a cry for help: “Help me find a more effective way to meet my needs.”

Parents know that they cannot provide the help their children need unless they are able to remain calm in the face of stress. Quality Parenting instructor training guides us to help parents understand why we all “lose it” emotionally, and provides a reliable Three-Step Process to help them remain centered more often.
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A Unique Outcome
As parents learn to create a family environment based on mutual respect—as they bring out the best in others—they inevitably discover the best within themselves.
Who Qualifies?
Training is offered to mental health professionals and coaches.
Enjoy These Benefits
  • Learn skills that support your clinical practice
  • Discover insights that can strengthen all relationships, even outside the family
  • Create Quality Parenting classes and help families in your community
  • Instructors earn supplementary income; therapists often gain referrals
You'll Learn to Help Clients
  • Recognize children’s and teens' yearning to express their best self
  • Deal respectfully and effectively with difficult behavior
  • Use positive discipline: setting limits comfortably and successfully
  • Stay centered under stress: The Three-Step Process
  • Discover unique “smarts” in their children — and in themselves
  • Recognize and support each child’s stage of development
  • Communicate, listen, and plan skillfully
  • Find a parenting style that works for them
  • Envision and create an environment based on mutual respect
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