Bring Out
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Ilene Val-Essen, PhD
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"Family Life Can Be So Much Easier!"
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Award-Winning Book

Bring Out the Best

Family life becomes so much easier and more rewarding when parents learn how to create an environment of mutual respect. In this proven program, developed over twenty-five years, parents discover that beneath the surface children and teens want to be cooperative, independent, and responsible.

Dr. Val-Essen supports readers with compassion, stories of real families, and humorous illustrations. As parents learn to recognize and bring out the best in their children and teens, they inevitably discover the best within themselves.

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Bring Out The Best
Book Club

It’s a most unusual book club! Parents get an opportunity to work directly with the author or certified leaders to bring out the best in their children and to discover the best within themselves.

To accomplish this goal, parents read Dr. Val-Essen’s award-winning book—Bring Out the Best in Your Child and Your Self: Creating a Family Based on Mutual Respect.

Offered In-Person and Online

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